Who is Asterlab?

Client-focused, creating customer-centric and user-friendly experiences that deliver tangible business results, Asterlab helps brands navigate any and all facets of the digital landscape. Asterlab was founded by a group of industry veterans with over 30 years of industry experience between them. We decided to start our own company because we wanted to do things differently.

Michy McLean, Creative Director

Sal Taghleb, Managing Director

Services that enable innovation

By breaking down complex challenges,
we explore and create the right solutions for your unique needs. You'll get an informed go-to-market strategy, superior product design and development expertise.

Design systems

Creating a common visual language strengthens brand alignment and promotes a consistent user experience across all of your digital products. Design systems increase user adoption with intuitive experiences for your customers and clear standards for your product team.

These guidelines allow all employees — from designers and developers to marketing and sales — to advance your business and rapidly create the features and functionality your customers need.

Spark sessions

Accelerated, hands-on workshops help you identify key areas of innovation for your business. We involve critical stakeholders across the organization and dig deep through creative and analytical engagements.

We’ll uncover overlooked opportunities and facilitate fresh ideation to move your business forward.

Expert assessments

By evaluating your product’s overall usability, design and accessibility, we can pinpoint specific issues degrading your product and the necessary steps for remediation. Thorough analysis will give you a new perspective on the user experience.

Improving customer interactions can strengthen brand identity, increase repeat purchases and save business resources. Whether your mobile app is getting bad reviews or visitors aren’t converting, assessments play a critical role in addressing the issues.

Trainings and workshops

From basic agile training and development to advanced Scrum techniques, individualized workshops empower and educate. Drawing from a variety of expertise and industries, our sessions are tailored to your unique needs and desired outcomes.

Our team of agile/Scrum experts have decades of experience. We’ve distilled their skills and processes into a proven methodology for implementing a successful agile transformation in any organization.

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